Plain Jane Delta 8 Hemp Pre Rolls


Our Plain Jane Delta-8 THC Hemp Filtered Pre-Rolls are the preferred choice for users who want to gain the maximum benefit of full-spectrum hemp filtered pre-rolls. 

Each of our Delta-8 filtered pre-roll contains rich properties of cannabinoids, which includes 1.8611% of Delta-8 THC and up to 4.254% of CBD. 

Users can experience a clean and soft smoke with each drag of our hemp filtered pre-roll complimented with the extraordinary effects and flavor it provides.

Users can feel the classic effect of Delta-8 THC which begins with a slow cerebral awakening leaving users euphoric and enlightened to follow their creative endeavors. It gradually develops into a warm wave of body tingles for the users. 

It also helps to provide relief for your aches and pains due to the benefits of Cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG. Delta-8 helps to provide a calm and relaxed effect for your mind.

Product Description: 

Each pack is filled with 20 pre-rolled Delta-8 hemp filtered pre-rolls ready to be lighted by our users! Each Delta-8 filtered pre-roll may contain up to 1.8611% Delta-8 THC and up to 4.254% of CBD. 

Directions for using Delta-8 Filtered Pre-Rolls

Our Plain Jane Delta-8 Filtered Pre-Rolls allow users to save valuable time as our pre-rolls are readily available for immediate consumption which eradicates the tedious task of rolling a joint. All you need to do is place the filter end of the pre-roll in your mouth and light it at the other end. Then, begin to draw in the odorless smoke and a second or two later, puff out the inhaled smoke. 

Reviews (3)

  1. Parker

    Very impressed! It was a lot more potent than I expected which was definitely a plus. You get so much value out of these as well and the quality of the product is surprisingly high. Great for any time of day. Definitely will purchase again
  2. Marcos

    Love the taste and feel to these and well as the calming and mild happy effects. Won't be smoking tobacco cigarettes anymore! I'm satisfied with 1-2 a day as opposed to my usual 5-10 with tobacco. Great product
  3. Angie

    They hit smooth. I personally would have to put the cigarette out after a couple of hits because of how potent it is. It was really nice ordering these when I got to and it's a shame they won't ship to NY anymore. 1 pack can last a while. Personally I'm not a huge fan of cigarette box being wrapped in plastic which is why I had to knock off a star.