FTP CBD Flower Pre-rolled Joints


If you are looking for the most potent CBD smokable product then our FTP CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joints is the ideal product for you. The seven 0.6-gram joints contain a total of 4.2grams of cannabis flower and are packed with a massive 27% cannabidiol. 

This product saves you valuable time as it is pre-rolled for immediate use, cutting out the tedious task of rolling your own joint and includes a free matchbook as well.

Our joints are offered in a strain called Wine Widow, which is a customized hybrid hemp, intended to provide an enlightening and balanced experience for our users. 

Key Features:

Each joint is made from US-grown hemp which is laboratory tested and available in Wine Widow, a custom hybrid strain containing over 27% of CBD.

Directions to consume FTP CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joints

Our FTP CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joints is available for immediate use due to its packaging and users can light it up using the free matchbook. Our joints are made to last long but its longevity depends on the puff and frequency of use by our consumers.

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