CBD Genesis Hemp Nugs


CBD Genesis Hemp NugsΒ is the non-psychoactive answer to marijuana. This special herb is grown to have high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), with just a minimal amount – less than 0.3% – of THC. This one-sided CBD to THC ratio means you can get the wide-ranging benefits offered by hemp, with no physically or mentally intoxicating effects.

CBD buds have many uses, although are most often enjoyed smoked. However, you can use this product for vaping in dry herb-compatible devices, and also in homemade products, such as edibles, creams and tincture oils.

This post will concentrate on the advantages of different hemp flower intake methods, and also touch upon the wide variety of strains in our CBD Genesis range. We have 16 strains in total – a mixture of sativas, indicas and hybrids.

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