CBD Genesis Capsules


Soft Gel Capsules

75mg each x20 (1500mg bottle) or 75 mg each x40 (3000mg bottle)

Ingredients: Hempseed Oil, Hemp Extract, Gelatin (All Natural), Glycerin and Purified Water.

About CBD Genesis Capsules:

Our CBD Genesis capsules are soft gel capsules encased in hemp seed shell which provides you an efficient Cannabidiol (CBD) relief. These supplements have lots of CBD but contain less than 0.3% THC, which are non-psychoactive and prevents intoxication.

Our CBD Genesis capsules provide a steady flow of CBD and provide relief for a longer period of time than other CBD products such as tinctures. The benefits of CBD Genesis capsules begin to work when the capsule is digested and the oil is absorbed which provides users an all-day relief.


CBD Genesis capsules are made with hemp seed oil and hemp extract, gelatin, glycerin and purified water. Majority of users find soft gel capsules easier to swallow than other harder substitutes which are also prone to cracking. Soft gel capsules are the preferred choice when it comes to taking oil-based supplements and it also provides a more reliable and effective CBD experiences as well.

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Use of CBD Genesis capsules:

A new user faces numerous challenges on how to take CBD as they are daunted by the range of options in the market. Soft gel capsules are no different than any other supplements. A new user can work on how much one needs which helps to evaluate the effect of various doses of CBD. Once the user figures out the dose, one can take the exact same dose for efficient relief.

Health Benefits of CBD Genesis Capsules:

Better mental health

CBD is a natural remedy to help with numerous health conditions and it has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and panic attacks. The neuroprotective properties of CBD help to increase cell proliferation and neurogenesis. CBD has therapeutic value for one’s psychological health and also promotes hippocampus growth, which may have a positive effect on one’s short and long-term memory. Lower doses of CBD have also been associated with increased alertness and higher level of focus and concentration. Hence, CBD Genesis capsules are effective as a natural, non-addictive aid for students and professionals.

Boosts Immune System

The strengthening and regulating of one’s immune system response reduces the risk of attack from bacteria and viruses. It also lowers the risk of aggressive inflammation which helps to prevent one’s body from attacking itself. CBD has shown great potential as a substance to boost the immune system because of the related connection between the immune system and ECS. When one takes CBD, compounds bind with the CB2 receptor with increased activity which exerts an anti-inflammatory effect. It also suppresses proteins such as cytokines which triggers Inflammation.

Great Supplement for Physical Health

CBD capsules are a great supplement due to the regulating effect of the ECS. It helps one’s physical and mental health. Regulation of the ECS also helps for good bone and reproductive health. It also provides relief to pain and helps to improve the mood of the user. Since CBD lowers cortisol levels and is a strong antioxidant, it also helps to relieve stress as well.

Discreet use of CBD Genesis Capsules

Majority of the people are still confused about CBD. Many are unfamiliar with the benefits and are unaware that hemp-based products are legal as well as non-psychoactive. Use of CBD capsules provides users discretion, efficiency and privacy. CBD Genesis capsules are odorless hence do not smell. There has been some evidence that taking CBD alongside fatty foods helps to make the CBD easier to metabolize and also boost its potency.

Dosing with CBD Genesis capsules:

Our CBD Genesis capsules are infused with 75mg of CBD, and come in 20 capsules in a tub, or 40 capsules which amount to 1500mg and 3000mg of CBD respectively. A 75mg dose is the perfect dose if you are using CBD as a daily supplement. But if you are using the CBD Genesis capsules for sleep or pain relief then taking 2 capsules is more effective.

Please be aware that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and CBD Genesis capsules are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Reviews (2)

  1. Crystal

    Genesis CBD Capsules have been a life changer for me and my chronic pain! Finally something that not only helps daily pain, but helps with the anxiety I struggle with as well!
  2. Tiffany Hathaway

    These gel caps are the most convenient way to take CBD. Small and easy to swallow. 25 mg dose has been very effective in helping with symptoms due to a rare neurological and vestibular disorder. So glad I discovered the power of CBD!

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