FTP CBD Hemp Nugs


Our FTP Premium CBD Flower Nugs are skillfully created to offer a well-balanced cannabis effect for our consumers. This product is available for the most reasonable market price and offers the highest potency of over 27% of CBD.

Key FeaturesĀ 

Our highly potent CBD flower nugs are available in 4 grams and 8 grams and are made from a Wine Widow, a perfectly balanced customized hybrid strain.

It is a laboratory-tested product which has a great taste with smooth smoking sensation and is made from organically grown legal cannabis without any additives or cutting agents.

Directions to consume Premium CBD Flower NugsĀ 

Users have a variety of choices on how to consume this product such as smoking, vaping or eating them. Oil-based tropical products can be made by infusing our flower nugs into coconut oil.

Users can roll a blunt by grinding our CBD flower nugs and putting it in a smoking paper but please be aware that grinding can destroy the flower in the process and may lower the effect of the potency as well.

Users can achieve optimal enjoyment by using the flower nugs in dry herb vaporizers or pipes/bongs as these methods preserve the freshness and strength of the flower nugs.

Using a pipe or bong preserves the product and its potency since one need not break the flower nugs before packing them. When compared with smoking, using Dry herb vaporizers helps to save your flower nugs as users can break them into larger pieces.Ā 

You can also eat our FTP premium CBD flower nugs but users must first heat them which helps to decarboxylate the product, activating the CBD and other cannabinoids present in the product. You should not consume raw CBD flowers because the only way cannabinoids are activated is when exposed to heat.Ā 

For perfect consumption, users should let the flower nugs simmer on low heat for about 30 minutes and then strain them. Users can also enjoy the various benefits of cannabis by adding the heated flower nugs with their preferred choice of food or drinks.Ā 

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